//\  What is MAPA ART?

MAPA ART is a private initiative of Matthias Pfaller to support artists from Latin America, with an emphasis on Chile. The goal is to promote the visibility of art and thought from Latin America through exhibitions, events, writing, translation, and conversation. Thus, MAPA ART is a platform for everyone who is interested in the exchange of ideas across geographic, political, and cultural borders.


MAPA ART originated in the Switzerland-based association MAPA. From 2018-2020, MAPA was a nonprofit „Kunstverein“ organizing exhibitions and events in Zurich. The association’s members were Matthias Pfaller, Thomas Belohlavek, Vanessa Koziolek, Vanessa Gaggioli, Carolin Pfaller, Frances Erb, Rabea Tönnissen, and Love Stevenson-Eder.

For inquiries and a subscription to the newsletter, send a message to info@mapa-art.org


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