MAPA ART supports artists from Latin America not only through exhibitions and events, but also by bringing their work closer to collectors in Europe. As part of our program, we offer artist’s editions which are primarily made in the context of our programming and exist only in small editions. Most of them are not available anywhere else. By purchasing works from MAPA ART, you directly support our program and our artists!


If you are interesting in collecting works from MAPA ART’s program, send us a message to to check availability, prices, and shipping options.

Sebastian Mejia's Piedra #7
Nicholas Jackson's Cajero Rojo


Resale Royalty

Since it is the goal of MAPA ART to support artists, we advocate the implementation of the “droit de suite” or resale royalty as a standard component in the trade with art. Through resale royalty, the artist as author is entitled to a percentage of the resale value. This guarantees a continuous benefit from the artist’s work, similar to that of musicians and writers. Relevant laws were already introduced in France in 1920 and in 2006 for the entire European Union. In 16 Latin American countries, too, such as Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, the droit de suite is part of the law of intellectual property and guarantees the participation of artists in the profits of artwork resales.


In Switzerland, the proposition to introduce the droit de suite is backed by the professional union of visual artists in Switzerland (Visarte). However, it has not yet been passed as a law. This is why artists in Switzerland have no legal claim to compensation (irrespective of their nationality due to the principle of reciprocity). Therefore, MAPA ART suggests and recommends the inclusion of a resale royalty clause in the purchase contract as a voluntary commitment for sustainable work ethics in the art trade.


For further information, visit the UK’s official copyright guide, or Chile’s copyright law (Article 36, Ley 17.336), or statements of several international artists’ unions.