Latin American art and culture look back on a long history in Switzerland. Researchers, curators, gallerists, and gourmets maintain a lively network, particularly in Zurich. Immigrants from Latin America as well as the ur-Swiss encounter a varied program, which we ourselves support and wish to participate in. Below we selected a few places where to start.

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Daros Latinamerica AG Library

 The private collection is one of the most comprehensive one on contemporary Latin American art. While for several years the institution maintained an exhibition space in Zurich and Rio de Janeiro, it currently focuses on the care of the collection and loans to museums. Notwithstanding, its excellent research library is still publicly accessible. It contains a wide range of monographs (in particular for the artist in the collection), as well as exhibition and biennial catalogs, and books on art theory. It is obligatory to make an appointment before visiting the library. Contact details on the website.


Latin American Center at UZH

The Zurich Latin American Center at the University of Zurich is a loose association of researchers of the humanities, social and natural sciences. Among the areas of interest of its members are modernity, globalization, urbanization, and political history. The LZZ supports and organizes talks and conferences in these themes in the greater Zurich area. These events are advertised on their newsletter and Facebook account.


Librería El Cóndor

This bookshop is an excellent source for books of all kinds from Latin America. Specialists of various disciplines, too, will find their literature. The art section is well stocked.





la_cápsula is an offspace stemming from an itinerant curatorial program. The project aims to bring together Latin American and Swiss art. Since late 2018 Adriana Domínguez and Elena Rosauro occupy their own space, el_espacio.


 Galerie Peter Kilchmann

In the past years, Peter Kilchmann has built a solid roster of Latin American artists, among them Los Carpinteros, Beatriz González, and Fernanda Gomes. Accordingly, the gallery’s program regularly features exhibitions of these artists.


ArteF Fine Art Photography

The gallery focuses on fine art photography and holds vintage prints of several Latin American artists, such as Martin Chambi and Lola and Manuel Alvarez Bravo.




Casa de vinos argentinos

This family business imports the best wines from small producers and other family businesses in Argentina to Switzerland, or Bern, to be precise. You can also find them at the annual wine fair in Zurich.


Especialidades Guerrero

Paola Guerrero, born in Valparaíso, is the manager and cook of her catering business, and offers Empanadas, Pastel de choclo, Brazo de reina, and other Chilean delicacies. You can also find her at various food festivals in Switzerland.



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